Transport issues

Ok To start off I can tell you that I am running wildfire 2.6.2 on a red hat (fedora core 5) linux machine. The server is running fine, I have Jabber traffic going through it. I was told to make it availible to aim as well, so i went through and had the most trouble in the world getting that to work. Several days later along with undefinable pain, wildfire is reading the component. It shows the transport, aptly name aimtrans on the external component tab on the sessions page from the admin config panel. only problem is that the clients still cant add aim users on their lists… it comes up with “The gateway server you requested does not have a transport for this contact type.” and doesnt let the client do anything… if anyone can help me with this whatsoever please do, i can give you just about any information you need. thanks in advance

Maybe this could give you some hope