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How many transports are available for Jive Server?

Does anyone have an idea when the MSN Messenger Transport will be available?


No transports yet, but the plugin and component support in 2.1.0 now makes them possible to build. We’'d be happy to help out anyone interested in working on them.



How did you add transports layer for jive messenger ?

You will need to read the plugin-dev-guide.html and the url=http://www.jabber.org/jeps/jep-0100.htmlJEP-100[/url] as your first steps in order to implement a new gateway. I think that Alex, who is implementing the MSN gateway, was going to make the gateway generic so you can implement other gateways. You may want to contact him if you are willing to help. Just an idea…


– Gato

thanks dombiak !

But i think development gateway plugin , is not idea

because jive messenger not support outside other transports,and not support

standard jabber transports!

We’‘ll support external components (which is what I believe you’'re referring to) for the 2.2 release of Jive Messenger.




thanks all !