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Tried to run Asterisk-IM client encounter error


I have successfully installed Jive Messenger and now testing with Asterisk-IM client on Windows machine. Java 1.5 update 4 JDK is installed. When I tried to execute the jar file by : java -jar asterisk-im-client.jar

I encounter error : Failed to load Main-Class manifest attribute from asterisk-im-client.jar

I’'ve no prior experience with Java hence any tips will be very much appreciated.


Asterisk-IM isn’‘t a client application, it’'s a plugin for Jive Messenger. Please check out the README (linked from the plugin download page) for more information about how to install.



I download the jar from the link : http://www.jivesoftware.org/asterisk-im/clients.jsp

Which seems to be the full client implementation of the asterisk-im-client

I do know that Asterisk-IM is a plug in and that has been installed together with Jive Messenger. Am looking for a workable client to test it out and that is where I thought the above link contain a client jar code.

Ahh, sorry about that – I was a bit confused as to what you were talking about. The JAR file you downloaded is just a client API that can be used to build full clients, I’'m afraid. There are no clients that support the protocol extensions yet, but there are several in progress. We hope to have some better news on this front soon.



Thanks Matt,

Really hope to see a real Asterisk-IM client ready as this will make Jive+Asterisk a killer apps.

We’'ll have two clients to announce Asterisk-IM support for in the near future, so stay tuned.