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Trillian and Asterisk-IM

I’‘m having some issues with getting the jabber plugin for Trillian. I can’'t seem to find any place to setup the Asterisk IM portion for the client. I have the server up and running successfully and when the client logs in I can even see the following logged in Trillian:

*** Creating connection “djones@djones/Trillian”

*** Connection established with encryption: no encryption

*** You have successfully connected to Jabber.

*** Retrieved buddy list from server.

*** djones is running Jive Messenger 2.2.2 on Java 5.

*** Server supports Asterisk-IM extensions.

In the jabber setup on the Trillian client, I only have 3 tabs - Connection, Privacy, and Miscellaneous - with no place to put any asterisk settings. I’‘ve verified that I’'ve downloaded the latest jabber plugin, and the jabber.dll is v3.1.2.1003

Any ideas? It is pretty much the same issue as the person had in http://www.jivesoftware.org/community/thread.jspa?threadID=16066&tstart=0 but he didn’'t know how he resolved it.



All setup is done in the admin console in the Asterisk-IM settings. You should add the mapping between the user and their phone device there.



Ah I see. Where might I find these settings? When I click on the Asterisk-IM link at the top, I’'m redirected to the original page for inputting my settings. Everything appears to be registering properly with the asterisk call manager and I can manually telnet in and log in correctly.

When you click on the Asterisk-IM link at the top, the original menu bar on the left is changed for something that has two entries: “General Settings” (which is selected by default, and where you set your general Asterisk Configuration like host, port, username, password) and “Phone Mappings.” That last one is what you’'re looking for.

Gotcha. It appears that my bar along the left is missing. Any suggestions for getting this back? It shows up fine on all the other menus, just not on the Asterisk-IM menu

I just tried uninstalling Jive completely, removing the program files directory for it then reinstalling and adding in the asterisk-im plugin. Same thing, it registers fine with call manager but does not give me the new menu items, just the same connection settings screen for asterisk


The latest version of Asterisk-IM actually requires Jive Messenger 2.3.0 Beta. I believe that’‘s the reason you’'re not seeing the sidebar. I apologize for any confusion.



Perfect. That’‘s most likely what is happening. I’'ll upgrade it later today