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Trillian Pro 3 won''t create new JID on Jive Messenger 2.1.0

I’‘m currently running Trillian 3.0 Pro build 967. I’'m setting up and playing with Jive Messenger 2.1.0. I also use the Exodus Jabber client for testing purposes.

My problem is that Trillian cannot successfully register a new JID inband on Jive Messenger. I cannot readily determine whether the problem is with Trillian or with Jive Messenger, so I will cross-post this message on the Trillian forum too, see http://trillian.cc/forums/showthread.php?s=&threadid=66380

However, Exodus 9.0 can successfully create new JID’'s inband on both my private Jive Messenger server and on Jabber.org ( jabber.org is running jsm 1.4CVS on Linux 2.4.21-4-686-smp ). In either case, one must check the box labelled “This is a new account” to get it to work.

Trillian Pro can also create new JID’‘s on jabber.org. On setting up and trying to connect I get a dialog box “Account not found on jabber.org. Create new user?” and upon choosing “Yes” it works. When I try this with my own Jive Messenger server I don’'t get the dialog box, instead it promptly fails with this password error in the console window:

*** Creating connection "testing123@jabber.my-domain-name-here.com/Trillian"

*** Connect: Authorization failed (401): (null)

*** Connect: The password for this account is incorrect. Please enter the correct password!

*** Disconnected.

I seem to recall having this same problem with a prior version of Trillian Pro - either v2 or v1, but in that case it could not create a new JID on jabber.org, either. That much is working properly now. In my current (and limited) experience it is only Trillian Pro 3.0 and Jive Messenger 2.1.0 that won’'t play nice together.

Many thanks!

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The XMPP spec specifically forbids sending anything but a 401 error on failed authentication. This is to protect privacy so that spam bots can’‘t discover users’’ addresses. This is why you now have to check the “this is a new accout” box in Exodus. Older-style “jabber” servers don’'t obey this and send a different auth error that lets clients know a new account can be created. Basically, this is a bug in Trillian. They need to provide option like Exodus to create new accounts on first sign-in.



Thanks for a thorough and clear answer. I will copy it to the Trillian form so that hopefully Scott, Kevin and their team will be able to focus attention on this.

Trillian successfully fixed this in version 3.1 beta. I’'ve tested it and verified that the fix is good.