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Trivial "challange"

Having problem loggin in to OpenFire server from Spark.
Info: Running OpenFire 4.1.3
( Plugins Broadcast, Debugger plugin, EMail on Away, Just Married, Local Statistic, Openfire meetings, SIP Phone Plugin ) with PostgreSLQ v. 9.6 and Spark 2.8.3 on the same mashine.

By trying to connect from spark ( by user nnnn, pwd, DNS_name ) to ( local mashine ) 130.240.202… ( OpenFire and Spark on the same mashine gets “Login error”>“Unable to verify certificate”

Any clue what I did or what I can do / test?

On the Login screen in Spark go to Advanced and enable Accept all certificates.

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Many thanks on this trivial question.
Got it working on both of my servers.
Next step ( challange ) are to activate server2server, can be an idea to read the manual before, it use to make it easier to work :wink:

Basically I intend to connect HTML5 / X3D clients in a distributet simulation setup for driver simulator and control rooms system.

Will use JScript:strope and BOSH to push 3D object states between clients and simulation engine.