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Trouble installing Openfire on Server

Good Day, I am new to the ignite community but I have some questions. I was able to successfully install Openfire and then Spark on my own PC. When I tried to install it on one of my Terminal Servers so I can begin to roll out for users, I run in to problems. It seems to install correctly but when I try to open the admin console to start configuring the server, the browser page is blank. There are no error message, just nothing. BEfore the question is asked, I tried using both the Add/Remove in Control Panel as well as the “change user /install – change user \execute” commands on the server. The server is running Windows 2003.

Thanks in advance,


Sorry i understand your question, you cant install openfire in a windows 2003 virtual server ?

Sorry, to clarify, I can not install Open Fire on a ‘regular’ Server 2003. I was able to install it on myXP Pro workstation, but not one of my servers

have you restarted the service? Is there anything else that may be using port 9090?

Yes, I have restarted the service several time. Uninstalled and reinstalled. As far as I can tell, using the netstat tool, nothing else is using port 9090

I just saw this, but are you installing the service on a terminal server? that may not be the best server for it. the spark client will run fine on terminal server though.

Do you have another server to install it on? are you accessing the server by ip address, by servername or by localhost?

I have an apps server and a mail server that I can play with. As for which method to access, I have’t got that far yet. Initially the first users will be in a remote office. Which do you recommend? This is my first time working with this product.

either server would be better than your terminal server!

I would but it on whichever server makes more sense to you and fits your environment. I know people that like to try and keep all their communication stuff on one server. Some think that a mail server should be nothing more than a mail server.

Fair enough about which server to install on. I guess what I was asking a recommendation for was the access method: IP address, servername, local host.

I still have an installation of Openfire on my local pc, is it possible that this is interfering with the set up on the TermServer?

all 3 should work (from the local machine its installed on). the question was more related to troubleshooting. for example, if you are trying to access it by hostname or localhost, you may have a problem with dns.

Thanks Speedy, installing it on a different server worked.