Trouble pushing Roster info

Hi there, I am having some trouble with XIFF and pushed Roster messages generated by wildfire via a custom userService. The message is getting correctly to the client but I am not getting any values in RosterExtensio.MyItems. Any idea what could be happening? It just looks like IQ data when getting to the point of creating the RosterExtension instance is not deserializing the info…

Any help would be great

I think this has to do with Extensions… is there any documentation on the subject?

I hava followed the problem to this point… in

case RosterExtension.NS:

var tempIQ:IQ =;

var ext:RosterExtension = tempIQ.getAllExtensionsByNS( RosterExtension.NS )[0];

var rosterItem = ext.getAllItems()[0];

tempIQ has no associated Extensions at this point so I get no RosterExtension instance and so no Items…, dunno if I need to do anything special to activate the extension or something, I enabled RosterExtension through RosterExtension.enable() but seems I had no better results… so I think some place is missing a tempIQ.addExtension … Some docs on this or some insight would be great…

OK… I was on the right path… but in the wrong direction… found the “bug”

XMPPConnection launches events like this:



While Roster is processing them like this:

case RosterExtension.NS:

var tempIQ:IQ =;

AND DATA IS NOT AN IQ, should be or directile capture extension from the data member in the eventObj instance