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Trouble running openfire as a Windows Service

I have recently set up openfire as the main IM server for my business. I have been able to get our IM clients to connect to the server when the server is running as a program. However, whenever I attempt to run it as a service, none of our clients can connect to the server. I have tried both the Pidgin and the Spark clients, and both show the same problem. I am running the server on a Windows XP machine.

Help please?

Is the Widows Firewall enabled? I would turn it off.

Is the service properly installed (Did you execute the DOS command to install the service)?

Is the service set to automatic, and started?

Install & run service:

  • Open your windows command-line

  • go to your Openfire/bin folder

  • type: openfire-service.exe -install

  • to run installed service, type: net start openfire

or just simply go to MMC

Thanks for the fast response. It was the Windows Firewall stopping the service. I hadn’'t even thought of disabling that.

IMHO, it is not wise to disable your Firewall. You may simply add openfire as one of trusted program in Windows Firewall window, tab Exceptions.

Normally I would agree, but we have a firewall set up on our intranet between all the computers and the internet, so the computer is protected.

Thanks for all the help guys, the service is working correctly now.