Trouble when import Spark source code to Eclipse

Hi all , i have some troubles when import source Spark to Eclipse .

I try use Eclipse 3.2 or 4.x and JDK 1.6 / 1.8 but it not work

Please help me fixed error . If possible , please make new tutorial import source code Spark to Eclipse .

This tutorial not work @@
Thanks a lot

You can see error in attach file
Please please help me .!

some of the plugins depend on the spark source code being avaialble in a certain path. if you are not working on those existing plugins, you can simply remove them from your build path and eclipse should be happy.

Right-Click the plugin source folder --> Build Path --> Remove from build path

The error about the updater part is related to you not having install4j on your system. spark using install4j for launching and requires the install4j.jar to be present.

you can download a free trial of install4j from

then copy the install4j.jar into your libs folder of the spark source.

Thanks a lot . I will try now

Hey hey .

After import project , i try build it but it’s very bad . I can’t start project
Some errors appear . Please fix it . i don’t understand this

See error :

eclipse auto-import isn’t very great… in this case, it’s trying to be helpful, but it’s not

Modify your eclipse project and remove all source folders from the build path except:


Then remove all the libs that it auto-imported. Then add only the ones found under:


Please try following by this:

Bạn fix được lỗi này chưa vậy. Mình cũng đang bị lỗi này. Help me !

Unable to find the corresponding file, put all the files under the SRC folder Resources folder copy to the bin folder, problem solving.