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Trouble with adjusting clients to read only


my name is David and I’m very new to spark and openfire. Last week we shared the spark client to our users and now we have the problem that some Users are spaming the others, but i must not block them. They have to receive the broadcast messages of the other users but shouldnt write some.

Can’t find any options for that and im little bit helpless with the code.

We have roundabout 300 Spark clients in Use. All up to date and the newest Openfire.

Any advice? :frowning:

Thanks in advance!


— and in German —


mein Name ist David und mir ist Spark und Openfire ziemlich neu. Wir haben letzte Woche die Client-Installationen an die User ausgerollt und haben nun das Problem, dass einige User andere vollschreiben obwohl diese nur lesen dürften. Ich suche deswegen nach einem Weg diese User auf “Read-Only” zu setzen.

Leider habe ich keine Einstellung zur Beschränkung gefunden und bin leider auch nicht fit um den Code zu bearbeiten.

Wir haben ungefähr 300 User mit Spark. Spark und Openfire sind auf dem neusten Stand.

Habt Ihr einen Rat für mich?

Danke im Vorraus!

VG David

It strikes me that you are looking for a technical solution to an educational problem.

Some simple rules of etiquette for IM ought to suffice for this problem. Introducing a new technology to a group typically involves some growing pains, which appears to be what you are experiencing

Hi Collier,

thanks for reply. Your right that its all a educational problem. Basically the users who spam have not to send messages at all. And believe me, this user group cannot be aducated anymore.

ATM im archieving the messages for this users to fall back if someone notify me about an issue.

Maybe there is a better way…

regards David

Try Packet Filter plugin, but you will have to put such users to a separate group to make it with one rule, or you will have to create many rules for every individual spammer.

Thank you for this Tip. It works perfectly!