Trouble with encoding and Russian symbols


First, i want to say that your project is great!

It is very easy to install and administrate, and it is full of useful function.

I can say it about entire openfire, and about IM Getway.

But there is some issue

I like to speak on Russian, because i am Russian

I will install and setup ICQ transport in my server.

But, i cannot setup correct encoding for Russian(Cirylic) symbols.

If i set encoding to CP1251, i receive correct russian messages from other users. But when i trying to send russian messages, the recipients get the unvalid characters.

If i set encoding to utf-8, i can send messages to other users(and they can read). But i do not RECEIVE russian message from users. Instead of messages i get ‘???’

How can you help me with this problem? What encoding should i set up for my plugin?

I use Psi client, if metter.

Thank you for your product,

Andrey Chursin

It could depend on a client other users are using. I have set windows-1251 encoding for ICQ and i dont have any problems with some users. But there are one user who’s messages comes unreadable (but not as ???). Btw, what client do you use?

Oh, you are right.

windows-1251 really helps.

Thank you

Gato also found and fixed a general encoding issue that was caused by MINA (networking framework) that -could- have caused some of this. wroot, I think you reported that issue originally, not sure, but either way, it ought to be fixed in 3.5.0!

jadestorm wrote:

wroot, I think you reported that issue originally, not sure, but either way, it ought to be fixed in 3.5.0!

Yes, i have reported it as Spark issue at first. But later it was classified as Openfire issue. Though my users havent seen such behavior with Exodus. It only happens with Spark here.

I have a trouble with Russian symbols"[][]"

encoding in client Jajc different verions

in presense user in contact list.

Last good version OpenFire 3.3.0.

In versions 3.4.1 - 3.4.5 not fixed this error.

I hope, that it will be fixed in OpenFire 3.5.0!

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Thank you by your product

Albert Telyakov


Same problem:

If I set encoding to windows-1251, i can read what people write, but people cannot se what i write.

If I set encoding to utf-8, then people can read what i write, but i cannot see cyrillic symbols.

Not to open a new discussion, but this is really odd. Just recently I finally upgraded to 3.5.2 from something ancient i had (i think 3.2 or 3.3).

I upgraded so i could use latest version of IM-Gateway (the old openfire i had only supported 1.1)

It did work just fine back there, but doesn’t work anymore. I have same exact setting as before, windows-1251 set as encoding, and same clients that i am communicating with. But I can not send cyrillic anymore, only receive.

I realize that ICQ is ugly in multilingual area, but i don’t understand why it broke all of the sudden. A change in the ICQ client itself?