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Trouble with jwchat, punjab, and jive


I know this post is a bit off topic, but I don’'t see a big user base punjab and jwchat. I figured I might get farther asking in here.

I’‘m having a hell of a time setting up punjab with jive. I’'m trying to use jwchat with jive.

I have jive installed on a Linux server, now do I install punjab on the same server (can it be a different server)?

All the directions I’‘ve found are really basic – maybe I’'m just missing something?


I’'ve followed that tutorial, but I still have questions. Do I need to setup Apache still when using punjab?

I could only get punjab to compile when removing the ‘‘soap’’ option, anyone know what that option does? It compiled and starts fine, and I can open the jwchat page that is inside of the punjab HTML directory. I’‘m assuming I don’'t need another web service like Apache to use this, since I can view the HTML and all.

My problem is after setting it up, I try to login, but it just does nothing… the roster-window pops up, but I’‘m not logged in, nothing. I can type in a ficticious sever and it doesn’'t even complain, it just pops the box up. I can type a fake username, bad password, etc. and the same thing happens – the main window pops up, but no error messages or nothing.

I’‘d appreciate any help with this. I’‘ve gotten ejabberd to work with jwchat, but ejabberd has a few problems with LDAP (thats another story =) ). I’‘ve also tried JabberHTTPBind, but I think thats just insane to have to install Tomcat and all that crap for what it does (just my opinion, maybe I’'ll learn that is the best choice).