Trouble with MS SQL Installation

Hey guys,

Im trying to setup an SQL installation for Openfire so far without any luck.

Could anyone help me with the pointers below.

I have the string;


I’ve setup the database called openfire which is within an SQLEXPRESS instance on a server called Bridges2.

Can anyone tell me the easiest way to setup a username/password for the spark instance to authenticate with the instance?

on the instance security logins I have domain/administrator which is also present on the database logins, but ive not been able to login.

Any pointers would be a big help.

Wonder why are you using mysql url if you are using ms sql Read the SQL Server part here .html

To setup a user you can do it in Admin Console or via any client if inbound registration is enabled on your server.

Btw, you may hit the same problem if you plan to use Monitoring plugin