Trouble with

I’m having trouble accessing I think there might be a problem with the application server, or something, since sometimes I get a message saying the site has an outage. Generally I just get timeouts.

What is the proper procedure for notifying the site admins?

Hi David,

we are aware aout load issues on the site. This is mainly due to the Saprk releases and the re activation of the check for upgrade feature of Spark.

If you want to reach the Admin, look for akrherz in the group chat forum (support section). He is usually hanging around there.


The website problems are a result of saturating our internet connection. The downloads have moved to a CDN, so things should improve very soon.


I must have picked a bad day to download. :frowning:

Is there a download mirror?

What exactly do you need and what platform version? Here, i’ve put some installers on my hosting

Don’t have other installers by the hand though.

This always gets me in past the busy front door using the side door directly to the Ignite Realtime JiveSBS site

I didnt thought downloads on this site were so huge. Or maybe there is another cause of this saturation?