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Trouble with XPPPacketReader

I’‘m working with XPPPacketReader and found that messenger and whack both have the same file. The quickrelease puts both of these files into a jar file (if you open it up you’'ll find both in the zip file). This has led to some strange behavior and I was wondering why two different classes in both files…which one is the “one?”


Hmm, that doesn’'t sound right. Does it look like we could get rid of the one in Messenger and just use the Whack one?


Is whack where all the packet processing should happen? If that’‘s the case, then I’'ll look at refactoring it.

I’'ll need a Pampero Whack branch then What about merging the two projects? Is there any reason for having two trunks?


Matt, I need your input…what do you want me to do with this fix?