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Trying to connect a chat client via UDP (instead of TCP) to an XMPP Server (Openfire)

Does Openfire support UDP connections (instead of TCP) from clients? If yes, how can I connect from a client to the server. If no, is there a workaround? We definitely need UDP connection from a mobile chat client instead of a TCP connection because of the inherent “keep-alive” packets sent in case of TCP to maintain the connection thus eating up a lot of bandwidth and battery .

Is there any other XMPP server (freeware or commercial) that supports UDP client connections?

Thanks in advance for any responses.

No you can’t connect to Openfire using UDP packets. I haven’t heard of any way to connect to an XMPP server using udp (but it might exist). I think your

best chance to get something working fine on a mobile device is to use http-binding (BOSH).

I know that on mobile phone TCP implementation is not good and mobile operators blocks most of the port. HTTP is your best chance on a mobile phone to get a reliable connection.

Link to the Xep



I had seen something on BOSH and seems we might have to go that way.

Thanks for the info.