Trying to import a custom emoticon set

I’ve attached the set that i’ve created (you’re welcome to use it), but I can’t seem to get Spark to recognize it… is there a limit on the number you can have? I auto-generated the plist and reviewed it for accuracy, but I can’t get the bugger to work. Would appreciate any help! (129625 Bytes)

I should note that I don’t get any errors; it shows up in the list, but no emoticons show up, and I can’t open a chat client while trying to use this custom set.

you have a duplicate close tag at line 117

any sophisticated property list editor should have told you that

Ah, of course… I do a fair bit of AutoIt coding, so I was using SciTE to edit the file; what would you suggest a better editor for this would be for Windows? Notepad++ perhaps?

Thanks for finding that!

sry nno idea,

i just used plist-editor on mac