Trying to take "mail@private-domaind.tld" as JID of an Jabber-Server based upon the domain "somejabberserver.tld"

Hi, i’ve got a (maybe nutty) idea. The setup looks like this. A person has some webspace with a domain “private-domain.tld”. This domain contains also an e-mail adress “mail@private-domaind.tld”. This person found a jabber-server upon the internet, lets say the jabber-server is called “somejabberserver.tld”. If the person registers to “somejabberserver.tld” his JID becomes “username@somejabberserver.tld”. This person has fully access to the dns settings of his webhosting package. Now, can it be done that the person who ownes “mail@private-domaind.tld” can be login to “somejabberserver.tld” using “mail@private-domaind.tld” as his JID instead of “username@somejabberserver.tld”?

Any help or suggestions will be appreciated

Hi rene-1,

It is possible to register an email address style JID on another domain. Using your example domains, you could have a JID of mail\40private-domaind.tld@somejabberserver.tld, so all you are doing is escaping the first @ with \40. See org/xmpp/packet/JID.html

Scroll down to Method Detail.

Hope this helps


Yes i know, but that’s not what i want. It should look like that “private-domain.tld” is running a jabber server. But in case it doesn’t. “somejabberserver.tld” runs the jabber-server (where all JIDs become “username@somejabberserver.tld”). But the JID that shall be used on “somejabberserver.tld” are “mail@private-domain.tld” and not mail@private-domain.tld@somejabberserver.tld

Sorry can’t help you with that one

Hm, maybe someone else knows it?

This could work if you run a plugin on your server that does scan all incoming packets and replaces “mail@private-domain.tld” everywhere with “mail@somejabberserver.tld” and for all outgoing packets “mail@somejabberserver.tld” with “mail@private-domain.tld”. I’m not sure if this replacing will work directly or you have to drop each packet (throw Exception in the Interceptor) and virtually resend each packet. However, each replacing needs to take place while packet preprocessing (processed = false).

Let me extend your “maybe nutty idea” with another strange thought. If we have all this replacing stuff, we could also replace “mail@private-domain.tld” everywhere with “mail\40private-domain.tld@somejabberserver.tld”. This would allow us to have really multiple domains.

Hm okay. I thought hoped that there would be an easier way to make it happen, like to change some DNS Records at “mail@private-domaind.tld” :slight_smile: