Turning off automatic update checking?


Is there an easy way to turn off the automatic update checking done everytime a Spark client starts up? I’‘m running an older version of Jive Server 2.3.1 and I tried to install the sparkmanager.jar plugin, but obviously it’‘s not working since it’'s meant for Wildfire.

I’'m not planning on updating to Wildfire anytime soon, maybe eventually, but not in the near future. My 40+ users are getting annoyed everytime they log into Spark the update pop-up appears and they have to click No to continue.

I don’‘t give users admin rights to be able to update software, and generally they don’‘t even know updates occur, so I’‘d like to shut off this feature if I can. I see the setting in spark.properties for lastUpdateCheck but it’'s showing a date and not anyway to turn it on or off.

Generally, I run one of the latest Spark clients, but I also like to test the updates for a few weeks before I roll out the new release, thus annoying the users for several weeks until I get it done.

Is this possible? Is there some setting somewhere that I’'m not finding, or buried in code that I can turn it off to check?

Thanks in advance!


I’'m going to just proceed with upgrading Jive 2.3.1 to Wildfire to resolve my issues.