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Twisted Deprecation Warning: What do I do with this? And what does it mean?

C:\Program Files\pyaim-t-0.7b\src>c:\Python24\python.exe main.py

WARNING! Only PNG avatars will be understood by this transport. Please install t

he Python Imaging Library.

c:\Python24\lib\site-packages\twisted\web\proxy.py:22: DeprecationWarning: twist

ed.protocols.http has moved to twisted.web.http. See http://twistedmatrix.com/pr


from twisted.protocols import http

C:\Program Files\pyaim-t-0.7b\src\tlib\domish.py:425: DeprecationWarning: twiste

d.protocols.sux has moved to twisted.web.sux. See http://twistedmatrix.com/proje


from twisted.protocols import sux

At this point, it just hangs and I have to kill it.

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I think the first part of the error was just pyAIM trying to work against version of 2.3 of Python first, which you don’'t have installed. It moved on 2.4, then generated the next set of errors.

As for those other errors, this may be sorta like what I posted in your other question. Seems like it has module dependancies that have gotten moved out of Twisted’'s core and into Twisted Web, which I perceived as a separate install. Someone with more knowledge of Twisted could definitely answer with more authority.

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Currently installed:

Python 2.4

Twisted 2.0.1 for Python 2.4


MySQL 1.2.0 for Python 2.4

pyCrypto 2.0.1

pyOpenSSL 0.6

Additionally added, though might be in the wrong directory:


TwistedWeb 0.5.0

Everything is the most up-to-date version out there, AFAIK.

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Basically Daniel (developer of PyAIM-t) has said that the latest Twisted Words completely broke PyAIM-t since they moved a bunch of stuff around. He also goes on to say that it would be fixed except it got so messed that it’'s not an easy fix.

I am chatting with him right now about getting the old Twisted Words running within the PyAIM-t directory so we can get here running.

Read through the posts as we chat…

Check out y reply here,


I was able to get PyAIM-t working with it. PyMSN-t I have been able to get working with the latest Twisted.


Hi everyone. ;D This is Daniel Henninger (author of PyAIM/PyICQ). Ok so, the deprecation warnings shouldn’‘t be a problem. The hang is something else going on. Could you run the transport in debug mode and see what it’'s complaining about? (run it with a -D flag) It might not be connecting to WildFire at all.

This doesn’‘t make sense. 10 minutes ago my AIM was running, but my Icq was not. Now it’'s the other way around.

From my AIM debug run:

Debug logging enabled.

2006/02/20 12:49 Central Standard Time Log opened.

Config: Created configuration entity

Error parsing configuration file: No such file or directory: ‘’…/config.xml’’


(of course the config.xml file is there.)

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