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Twitter Oauth token base authentication


I want to implement Twitter base Oauth Token base authentication system in login system is there any library anybody have any idea about how can i implement it in openfire server.

I am using smack as a client please suggest if you have any idea.



Did you get any solution for this problem?

As far as I understand OAuth until now, Smack is you Oauth client, Twitter is your authorization server and Openfire is the Resource server. So, what we need is Openfire validating access token we receive from Twitter. But I’m little bit confused on how to implement that on Openfire side.

I’m not aware of anyone who has done it, but you’ll need to write a class that implements org.jivesoftware.openfire.auth.AuthProvider and configure Openfire to use it. Probably using the hybrid authenticator, so you can use non-twitter logins too.