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Two Exodus clients can''t communicate ,why?

My boss asked me to set up a jabber server in a laptop .

This machine run with windows XP and i have install jdk1.5(i haven’‘t set jdk’'s path) and mysql4.0 .

So I installed wildfire2_4_0 directly. Then i made the server’'s database by the script: wildfire_mysql.sql .

But when i use exodus.exe to test this server, I found that exodus can login the server but it can’‘t send message to other exodus . It’'s friends list shows all friends are ‘‘pending’’,which is impossible.

The debug infomation is as follows:


OK now!

mabe it’‘s my LAN’'s fault!

Now ,when i add friends with exodus, i use ‘’’'username@machinename" instead of

“username@ip”, then the clients can add each other , so everything is ok now .