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Two problem about send messages contain Chinese characters

1 When the message I send are Chinese characters, the message receiver receives sometimes contain some unrecognizable characters like this ‘???’.Why does this happen ? When the body of message are all English characters,this phenomena doesn’t happen, and it appears after we upgrade the openfire server to version 3.4.0. The previos version didn’t happen.

2 when i send long message, my IM client will auto disconnetct from server. this phonemena also only happen after I upgrade openfire to version 3.4.2,and it happens sometimes ,not always. And when happens,I send a short message, and after this operation, if I send long message, this phenomena doesn’t happen again. I have no idea what leads to this phenomena.


  1. is a problem with MINA (happens with all unicode chars), though JS devs can’t reproduce it. http://www.igniterealtime.org/community/message/162578#162578

Having this problem been resovled or will be resolved soon?

Mistype. I wanted to say they cant reproduce it. During the last live chat i’ve spoken with Gato about this and give him text examples (from wikipedia) with russian/lithuanian chars to test with. He told he would give that examples to testing team and also he would contact MINA developer. I hope this will be resolved soon.