Two questions in one - unexpected characters in ldap groups crashing, and when does 3.7.0 move out of beta?

I’ve seen a few posts for people getting errors due to unexpected characters in domain ldap grou (error being close quote appears before end of component). Is there a definitive fix for this with 3.6.4? I’ve tried setting encloseDNs to false but this doesnt seem to have made much difference.

But, related to this, how far away is 3.7.0 from being fully released? I’m a bit wary of putting a beta release into a production environment, but the memory leak problem with 3.6.4 is pretty bad! And I wondered if a fix for the previous ldap problem might have been rolled into the 3.7 release.


wooo i love solving my own problems!!

if it helps anyone else, as soon as I removed the search plugin “Provides support for Jabber Search (XEP-0055)” memory dropped from 350mb to 19mb, and for the last hour as been stable at that value.Hopefully it will stay that way!!