Two service instances on Windows Server 2008 R2

I have never checked this with 3.9.3, so maybe it was the same. But i have just updated to 3.10.2 a few days ago and now i have accidentally noticed that i have two openfire-service.exe *32 in the Task manager. One is seems to be idle (888 KB RAM, no CPU activity). I have rebooted this service after Windows updates installation yesterday. So it is not a left over after the 3.10.2 update. Also when updating to newer Openfire version i always do uninstall of a service and then install it again. There is only one Openfire service entry in the Services console. Anyone else seeing similar?

Looking at it in Process Explorer showed the better picture. First one is the host process and then the real service is loaded as a child process (the one showing the activity). Task Manager is a crap, proved ones again