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Two stream questions: stream reuse + multiple jids on one stream

Sorry in advance if I chose wrong forum category.

I got two questions concering XMPP streams.

  1. stream reuse

Is it possible to open and authotrize stream, perform common messaging, send unavailable presence and then without closing stream authorize as new user?

  1. multiple jids on one stream

Is it possible to have more than one jid authorized on one stream and receiving/sending messages?

Big thanks for any information.

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With a standard XMPP stream, the answer is “no” to both questions. However, we’‘re working on a new XMPP extension that will allow multiple sessions on a single stream. Basically, you’‘ll be able to have connection managers aggregate many connections into one for scalability purposes. Check out the Pampero forum for more info. I’‘m not sure if this is what you’‘re looking for, but it’'s the closest I can think of.



If you don’'t mind ‘‘re-writing’’ your client then maybe the best way forward would be to change it to a component.

Basically a component authenticates for an entire domain (has to be a subdomain of your server domain). Then the component can send and receive messages and subscriptions from any address on that domain.