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Typing Notification in System Tray

This might be a feature request, in which case I’ll do what’s needed down that road, but I don’t know what to call it…

Basically… if I have my contact list open, I can see a little pencil when someone starts typing. I’m wondering if there is a preference to get the little flame icon in the windows system tray to change to a little pencil when ANY of my contacts is typing something?

…and what is the real name for that… other than “someone is typing little pencil thingy”

Thanks in advance!


I think this is a correct name in thread’s title. Recently i have added a feature request about System Tray icon notification about incoming messages. You request is related, but i dont see much use of it. Why does one need to see that someone is typing? I suppose to quickly open roster window and check who exactly is typing? Normally typing notifications are needed to check if someone you are speaking with is typing an answer. So you can see this in chat window. Imho, these typing notifications a more evil thing and only making people nervous So, i wount add this request yet, unless there will be more requests. Or maybe someone else will add this.

I can see what you mean about “an unnecessary evil” but in my case I would like it because if I think a conversation is done (Verbal or via Spark) and close the window I can see that there is more typing happening and not (as much as possible) mentally move onto the next thing.

I would say then, perhaps an option to have the system tray change defaulting to do not change.