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UAC Pop Up when Running Spark

First of all, you can’t register a new account on these forums. Luckily I remembered my old account info. Otherwise, you get an

Unexpected Error Occured as soon as you submit the CAPTCHA. Very frustrating.

Now, onto my problem…

I have a single user that is a local admin of their machine. Every time they start up Spark, they have to accept a UAC pop up. The Spark icon has that little shield on it. I have uninstalled and reinstalled Spark several times.

I have seen this on the forums in relation to SSO, but we’re not using SSO. The first time we install Spark we have to put in the user’s name, password, and Openfire server. Then I check the Remember Password and login boxes as well as Start on Startup and it’s fine. We have 80+ clients, all running Windows 7 x64 and are all local admins of their machines, and Spark runs fine. We haven’t had to do any registry hacks to get those other 79 users working with Spark.

The only other goofy thing is that every time I reinstall Spark, it remembers the user’s password and server. Maybe deleting a preference file somewhere will help resolve this?

It’s just this single user that gets the UAC pop up and I can’t figure out what the problem is. Disabling UAC is not an option. Again this is not related to SSO - I have read through those threads on this forum and our situation doesn’t apply, also as I said we have 79 other clients all running almost identical hardware, and none of them have the problem - Spark runs fine without UAC pop ups.

Thanks for any help.

Profile is stored at C:\Users\User\AppData\Roaming\Spark

Are the UAC settings same for all users and this one? Maybe he has more strict UAC setting? Also, can you check Properties of that Spark icon with a shield. Maybe this file is for some reason marked as not trusted (e.g. http://codingoutloud.files.wordpress.com/2010/02/dreaded-unblock.png).

Disabling UAC is not an option.
When a user has local admin rights, disabled UAC would be the last thing for me to bother

P.S. i was able to register new accounts with Firefox and IE8 here. Maybe it was a temporary glitch. What browser are you using?