Ubuntu 14.04 LTS dekstop openfire and spark

wroot, ihave several questions :

I plan to change system from windows server 2003 to ubuntu dekstop 14.04LTS. Currently, openfire server on win 2003…can i install openfire on ubuntu dekstop 14.04LTS ??

can you give me link how to install openfire on ubuntu dekstop 14.04 LTS? and also how to install spark on ubuntu dekstop 14.04 LTS?


You can try installing openfire_3.10.2_all.deb package from the downloads page. But i haven’t tried this myself. You will also need Java installed on the system (Oracle’s one preferably) and this can be tricky on Ubuntu. I haven’t tried to install Oracle’s Java on Ubuntu for several years. Last time i needed to test something i just used tar.gz archive package, extracted it, copied jre folder from Spark tar.gz package into Openfire folder and ran this way. Same with Spark. There is no deb installation package for Spark, so i just extracted tar.gz one and used this way.

My main OS at work and at home is Windows, so i mostly use and know them. Can’t help much with Linux.