Ubuntu server - Openfire Service doesn't run

I’ve deployed a new openfire server on an ubuntu server box. It’s been working fine for a while but I hadn’t rebooted it since we’ve transfered everyone over to it. The SQL server that openfire was pointed to for it’s DB was un-reachable for a while and now is back up. I tried to restart the openfire server to get the connection back, and now the openfire service will not run.

Running “/etc/ini.d/openfire start” results in:

Starting Openfire: openfire.

But a ps or top will show that no openfire process has been started.

I’m running the latest version as of last month, and java 1.6.something.

Any suggestions?

It’s up and running again. It was due to the SQL server, and the service was running, although not seeming so via ps or top. For future reference, what is the process name so i can verify with a ps grep that it’s running?


a ps -ef|grep java should return only a few processes. I wonder whether the user is “jive” or “daemon”.