Uisng XIFF and JabberHTTPBind servlet (http://blog.jwchat.org/jhb/)

Hi Friends,

I’m facing a strange problem here. I have my web based group chat application based on XMPP in which I’m using XIFF API. Now when I use my Openfire server’s http-binding then I can connect to chat server pretty easily and fast. I’m able to download the chat rooms list on the server promptly too.

When I use JHB’s (JabberHTTPBind) http-binding to connect to the same server the process is much slower. JHB receives the room list from same conference server pretty fast but its unable to parse the room list chunks and fails to send it to my chat application. Now the strange part is that the same JHB works well in the same scenario with a jwchat application communicating with the same server and fetching the same room list. Here I’m using jsjac API. I have put JHB in my system’s Tomcat (6.0).

Does anyone know any settings in XIFF or any piece of code due to which i’m facing this problem coz JHB seems to be working fine with jsjac API and failing with XIFF API. Or any guidance/help?