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Unable to access admin console on port 9091


When I try to access the admin console by visiting “https://localhost:9091”, it fails and says HTTP404 not found. However, within the warn.log file it displays this error message: “org.jivesoftware.openfire.container.AdminConsolePlugin - Admin console: CertificateStoreManager has not been initialized yet. HTTPS will be unavailable.”

How can I initialize the CertificateStoreManager and resolve this issue?


What version of Openfire, Java, what OS?

Openfire : 4.3.2
Java - 8
OS - Ubuntu 18.04/Windows10

Do you mean you try to install it on both Ubuntu and Windows or Windows is for clients or you try to connect from Windows?

If you install Openfire on Windows. Do you install into Program files. Do you run it via service or try to use the launcher? Check the Openfire/logs/all.log. It might contain more errors.

I meant I’m trying it on both OS, but let’s stick with Ubuntu if that is okay with you…

– This seems to be the only error message I am receiving, though.

Also, I run it via the command line. … ./distribution/target/distribution-base/bin/openfire.sh

Do you use tar.gz version then? On Ubuntu it is more convenient to just download deb installer and do:
sudo dpkg -i openfire_x.x.x_all.deb
It will install and run the daemon automatically (using openfire:openfire user it creates). Then you go to http://localhost:9090, go through the setup, once it finishes the setup i think it should already allow to use https.