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Unable to access sound properties

Ever since I upgraded to the newest spark, I’‘m unable to access my sound preferences (Connect / Preferences / Sounds). Is anyone else having this problem? Also, does anyone know how to prevent the annoying popup ballons (showing the user’'s name, avatar, etc) from coming up as you scroll over your list of contacts?

If I click the Sounds icon or I go to Edit Profile > Avatar > Browse, Sparks freezes and I have to use Task Manager to end it. This happens with 1.1.1 and 1.1.2 on a Windows XP Pro system.


while one has some disconnected network drives Spark may seem to be locked, after a minute this should fix itself. Could this be the case?

Some Spark windows use the default AWT-Message queue and as soon as one window locks it seems that Spark did crash.

Is Spark using 100% CPU or 0% CPU?


I only have one mapped network drive, and it is connected. Once Spark freezes, it consumes 50% of the CPU according to Task Manager. After several minutes, it still doesn’'t recover.

Hi Magic,

I’'m taking a look into this. I must be doing something stupid :(. I promise to get it fixed.

Track # SPARK-233.



Hi Derek,

what’'s up? Is your favorite emotion icon? I feel that we should send you some :0 :0


Hi LG,

Honestly, the one thing that I hate are bugs. That lies solely on me and I take full responsibilty, even if the issue is in core java (doesn’'t matter, I fixed it anyway . However, I never get down about feature requests, etc.

So I’'ll give two smilies


Love your position on bugs. You should come program for us. If there’'s anything I can provide to assist with finding the problem, let me know.

Hey, I just tried it and let it run in the background. After quite a long wait (several minutes), I had an “open” dialog. Still, there’'s got to be a way to speed it up.

Well, it looked good … that is until I tried to enter a folder name … then off to la-la land again.

Sorry to report, but 1.1.2 did not fix this problem.

Hi Meal,

So this is still occuring in the browse section of the avatar picker?