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Unable to access the store after chage password


I have keystore/trustsore files with default (changeit) password and imported CA and cert, everything works.

But then I change keystore password/truststore password I get admin console (TLS/SSL Certificates) error: unable to access…

if try newpass I get:*

Internal server error: Unable to initialize identity store (a common cause: the password for a key is different from the password of the entire store). (update)

if changeit:

Internal server error: Unable to load store of type ‘jks’ from file ‘/usr/share/openfire/resources/security/keystore’ (update)

Keystore not corrupt

console system properties:

xmpp.socket.ssl.active true

xmpp.socket.ssl.keypass newpass

xmpp.socket.ssl.port 5223

xmpp.socket.ssl.storeType jks

xmpp.socket.ssl.trustpass newpass

ubuntu 16.04


use this guide

*Openfire: SSL Guide *

I can’t find my mistake. Please help

I don’t synchronize passwords between keystore (jks) file and key pair.