Unable to add Comodo Essential cert


We started having trouble with a subset of our mobile clients connecting to my Openfire server, and it seemed to be related to SSL as changing SSL requirements on the server changed client behavior somewhat. I purchased a Comodo cert. I sent them the RSA CSR. I pasted the new cert into the “certificate authority reply” box on the server certificates tool in web admin. Result: “An error occured (sic) while importing the Certificate Authority reply. Verify that the reply is correct and that it belongs to the correct certificate.”

I tried the command line keytool, but no joy.

Please advise.

I’d really appreciate some direction on this.

It would certainly seem that I simply need to add the cert to Openfire via the admin tool, but that’s not working. I’m not having better luck with keytool on the command line. Reading through related posts here, it would seem I’m not the first person to have trouble in this area. Please advise.