Unable to add user in Sparkweb by using Websocket


I have successfully connected sparkweb after adding websockets.jar in to Openfire plugin folder. but after I logged in to sparkweb, I cant chat with another logged in user. Chat msg not sending between two users and also, If I add any contact in my chat window, it shows “Unfiled” for that user.

So pl tell my how to resolve and to create the chat connection.



Sparkweb (Flash) does not use websocket plugin.

Thanks Dele.

But i used websockets.jar in openfire/plugins folder and I have used sparkweb which is presented inside the websockets folder. by using and connected but i am unable to chat , or add any new users from sparkweb…

Pl respond.

This has been discussed so many times on this forum.

You should not access an XMPP server by IP address. It will allow you to connect, but your XMPP addresses will be wrong (admin@ instead of admin@mydomain.com)

For Sparkweb Websocket, I ran into the same bug and I tried using vaio:7070 the domain name and also tried localhost:7070 instead of IP address and still can not chat to other users, ‘unfiled’ or offline are shown though my two users are online. The chat messages can not be seen on the other user’s screen.

So please tell me how to resolve this.