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Unable to authenticate to Gtalk

My company uses Gtalk for their chat system, but we use our own email addresses. In Pidgin, I have the option to enter my email address (e.g. a.b@c.com) with a.b in the username field, and c.com in the domain field. The connect server is talk.google.com. This allows me to connect to Gtalk via Pidgin.

However, Spark/Kraken does not offer the domain field. I tried using a.b@c.com as the username. I tried c.com\a.b as the username. Neither work. However, when I click the test button in the admin control panel, it says I can connect successfully to the Gtalk server. So I can connect, but I can’t authenticate.

What can I do to get Spark/Kraken to authenticate to Gtalk?


Haven’t used Spark/Kraken for a while, but i think i remember that it indeed uses only the username part to authenticate, therefore it is automatically adding @gmail.com to the username probably or just trying to send username alone. If so, then nothing you can do. Kraken is not supported anymore.