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Unable to build monitoring plugin

Hello There,

I have clonned master branch of monitoring plugin, I am trying to build it using following commands, but none of them are working:
mvn verify
mvn clean install
mvn clean package

Can someone please post steps to do this, or post sample configurations which needs to be done (if any), it would be of great help.

Attaching screen shot of error I am facing.

I was able to fork monitoring plugin’s repo, clone it in IntelliJ and build it with mvn clean package without errors. I’m not sure, but this looks like some network/DNS issue. Can you reach https://igniterealtime.org/archiva/repository/maven/ from your PC?

Your computer has trouble talking to our Maven repository. It seems to be able to connect to it, but does not like the certificate that we’re using. Our repository uses a certificate that is issues by Let’s Encrypt.

I assume that Maven uses the default settings from the version of Java that is used to run it. If that’s true, then using Java 8u101 or newer should resolve your issue.

It’s also possible to make Maven disregard certificate issues. As that’s a questionable practice, I’ll not leave instructions on how to do that - but it should be Googleable easily enough.

Now monitoring plugin build successfully.

Issue was due to java version.

Thanks you guys.