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Unable to connect converse.js to openfire 4.4.0 with http-bind

getting javascript error while trying to connect with openfire with converse.js.

my converse.initialize method is below.

allow_logout: false, // No point in logging out when we have auto_login as true.
allow_muc_invitations: false, // Doesn’t make sense to allow because only
// roster contacts can be invited
allow_contact_requests: false, // Contacts from other servers cannot,
// be added and anonymous users don’t
// know one another’s JIDs, so disabling.
authentication: ‘anonymous’,
auto_login: true,
auto_join_rooms: [
notify_all_room_messages: [
bosh_service_url: ‘http://localhost:7070/http-bind/’, // Please use this connection manager only for testing purposes
jid: ‘id@l-1054801.con.com’, // XMPP server which allows anonymous login (doesn’t
// allow chatting with other XMPP servers).
keepalive: true,
hide_muc_server: true, // Federation is disabled, so no use in
// showing the MUC server.
play_sounds: true,
show_controlbox_by_default: true,
strict_plugin_dependencies: false,

If you server is running on localhost, I fail to see how it can have a domain name
called l-054801.con.com. Also, you requested auto-login, but did not provide a password

Thanks for your reply.

i changed the chat room id and jid of my local system for security reasons in the first comment.

but i found my mistake that i am not mentioning jid field correctly. it should be same as domain name. My first comment jid is incorrect , it should be “con.com”. That is the only problem i am doing.

but still i dont know what is JID. and where i can find for my openfire setup. you can find chat room id from chatId + serviceid, but jid?

Start with simplest configuration and add more options step by step. First confirm that manual login works, then try anonymous next

    bosh_service_url: ‘http://localhost:7070/http-bind/’

i want to create chat application which have functionality of file sharing, voice chat, video chat, screen sharing.
do you have any demo of openfire with convers.js or any other web client, where i can get the idea of doing these functionalities.
I tried converse.js + webmeet but getting some error, even official demo is not working.