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Unable to connect to New Openfire server with Pidgin

I have just setup and configured a new Openfire server running the latest version of Openfire 3.9.1 on a Linux server. All seems to be working fine and the Web UI is fully configured and working. All Windows users use Pidgin IM which we have done so from day one but no one is able to connect to the new openfire server, it just fails with “Unable to connect”.

The weird thing is i am the only user able to connect to the server with Pidgin and i can see my self connected in the UI and all looks well, but no one else can and i cannot work out why. I have attached the last 100 lines from my log if anyone can see what might be going wrong within the logs, any help will be much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,


make sure your xmpp domain is a FQDN for the server, and not an IP address. if it was setup wrong, you must re-do the first-time-setup (ie. you cannot just change it).

make sure you have users listed into a Group and that contact list sharing is permitted. If you aren’t in groups, you will only be able to see users you have explicity added to your client’s contact list.

IP addresses have not been used anywhere in the setup so it cant be this. As mentioned i am able to connect through pidgin,not sure if its because i set the whole thing up but no one else is able to connect.

The only difference i can see between the new server and the old server (which is still up and running) apart from the version is that the old server shows the STUN Service in the Server Information are of the UI but cannot see it configured through the UI or the server itself. Not sure if this would even play a part in this issue i am facing on the new server but thought i would throw it out there.

Have you tried to allow login without TLS and configure a client to not use TLS?

With this you could rule out certificate/cipher selection problems.



also, sanity check… make sure your server’s firewall allows port 5222.

Looks like the issue was with the port forwarding, even though it was setup correctly there was a small error i found which resolved the issue straight away. I was looking into it being a port issue but wanted to confirm all else was fine before going back to it, otherwise its all up and running noe, thanks to all for you input.