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Unable to Connect to XMPP server from Client

I’m pretty sure someone out there has had this issue in the past. I have Openfire installed on a server loaded with MS Server 2003/SP2 and was able to run through the setup, get the database configured with MS SQL Server 2005 and I can access the Openfire Admin Console just fine when I attempt access directly from the server. Noticed I couldn’t access the Admin Console from the client and after performing a ping and traceroute to the server, it gets stuck at the default gateway I have setup for the laptop I use (laptop is configured with a static ip, default gateway, DNS server ip, etc.)

I CAN do the following:

Ping/traceroute to the DC from the client and vice versa

Ping/traceroute to the XMPP server from the DC and vice versa

Ping/traceroute to the XMPP server’s default gateway ip from the client

I CAN NOT do the following:

Ping/traceroute from the client to the XMPP server ip and vice versa (I receive a ‘Request Timed Out’ error from the ping and with a traceroute, it drops off after the clients default gateway.

I made sure the Windows Firewall was disabled on both the client and Server. Not quite sure what specifically I could check with Symantec though. No other firewalls are in place as well. I only have this one client overall as well as we are not supporting a bunch of users at this time, just working out the bugs before everything goes into effect. Any information anyone can provide is greatly appreciated. Thanks.