Unable to connect using Pidgin

Hello, all. I am in need of some help. This is my first time interacting with Openfire & XMPP.

Server is running Windows Server 2022. I successfully set up the Openfire server and am using the non-AD method of accounts.

Client systems are running Windows 10, with a sprinkle of 11. Our messaging system of choice is Pidgin.

Everything looks set up correctly on the server (no errors), but I cannot connect when using Pidgin. It just says “______@server.domain.local/ disconnected Unable to connect.”

My settings look like this on Pidgin:

Protocol: XMPP
Username: username
Domain: server.domain.local

Connection security: Use encryption if available.
Connect port: 5222
Connect server: server.domain.local

A few things to check. Are you resolving DNS correctly? Is your OS firewall running and is it blocking port 5222?.

Yes, DNS is resolving correctly.

I allowed port 5222 to go through.

did you set up TLS certificates? some clients refuse to connect if no certs are provided. maybe provide some of the client logs.

any hints in your logs. pidgin and openfire should both provide some info

I have not set up any TLS certificates.

Maybe try Gajim then, this way you can allow the self-signed certificate manually.

Update: my server is working, and clients are connected. I changed the name of the server and then did a complete reinstall of Openfire.