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Unable to contact the plugin repository

I seem to be asking a lot of questions at the moment - hopefully in time I’ll be able to answer a few

In Spark 2.5.8, under Spark -> Plugins, I get “Unable to contact the plugin repository” when trying to access “Available Plugins”. What I want to do is make the Red5 Spark plugin available to my users, and I assume this is where it would be done. Am I correct? And if so where is this “plugin repository”? I am on Openfire 3.5.2 running on Red Hat Enterprise.

Thanks, Nick

Thanks to Dele for providing this information - the plugin repository is at


Adding that URL to my proxy server’s authentication bypass list solved the problem.


I have the same exact problem from couple of PC

I dont see any traffic via my ISA that is being sent to the web when using SPARK

Any other idea ? cause I didnt find anything on the web about this error beside this post !