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Unable to install plugin userservice on Openfire 3.8.0

Resently I have upgraded openfire to 3.8.0 and in eariler version of openfire 3.7.1 the userservice plugin was working fine.

When I try to enable it or manully install the plugin userservice it fails, by saying unable to upload.

Even I tried putting the userservice.jar file in plugins folder as well, it doesn’t helped me.

Please guide me if m doing something wrong.

Does the plugins/ folder have permissions that allow the user running openfire to write files to it?

Hi Daryl,

We have other plugins like Fastpath / Webchat which has been installed and working, even the plugin is having same permission as other installed plugins have. Following is the permission to the folder

drwxr-x— 5 openfire openfire 4096 May 11 07:03 /var/lib/openfire/plugins/

Openfire’s logs probably have more details on what failed when you attempted to upload the plugin.