Unable to invite or to be invited into a roster


I have a little problem, I have setup an OpenFire server (dedijabber.selfip.net), I can connect on it, chat on channels that are on another servers, chat with members of another servers using JIDs, but I can’t invite member of another servers on my roster, and same thing on the other side, they can’t invite me, (theyr and I don’t receive any notification/request of invitation)

I don’t know why, the S2S works fine because I can speak with them, and nothing appear on the logs

What can I do to fix that ?

Thanks !

Is the other server an Openfire server or something else?

Can you see the two s2s connection established in Openfire admin and is the security ok?

I can’t imagine why you can chat to one another but not send requests. What client are you using?

We have tested s2s and haven’t seen this issue.

I tried with both Gajim and Psi, same issue,

The others servers are non-openfire servers (jabber.fr)

The S2S connections are OK in the admin panel