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Unable to log into admin panel

The only thing that changed was that we changed our domain administrator account, I think it was being used for the LDAP authentication. I have tried setting it back to the old password and restarting the service but still can’t login. Just need to be able to get into the admin panel so I can see what is going on. Attached are some logs that will hopefully help with solving the problem.

info.log (75616 Bytes)
warn.log (16383 Bytes)
error.log (1264449 Bytes)

Since you are using LDAP you an just re-reun the openfire web config. This is done by editing the openfire.xml file. Make the setup tag read false. Here is the specific order:

  1. Stop the openfire server
  2. edit the openfire.xml and save the changes
  3. start openfire
  4. goto admin interface and walk through the config again.

This took care of the problem and I switched it to service accoutn instead of domain admin, I think the same issue happened with another client of ours who I setup Openfire for. Is this normal to happen if a password changes for the account used?

It will happen if the connector break due to a password change. Best option is to set the password to never expire for the connector user.

I had the same issue, using AD, but had some issues with the recovery:

-I edited the xml config file as listed in this post

-I ran throug the setup again with the same settings as before and added myself as admin

-I’ve tried the process with restarting the service in 42.5 different ways but the same problem always happens:

-All users connecting to openfire with spark & gaim clients would lose ALL of their contacts in their contacts list.

-All contacts appeared in the roster as “not logged in or away” regardless of whether the contact was logged in or not

-So, the only method I’ve found is to re-add all contacts in the individual clients (Spark & gaim).

-Rather than go back through the entire setup process, I tried updating the field in what I was guessing was the correct field for admin users in the openfire database (using mysql) but that didn’t work

-I use a mysqldump every night for backup - Tried restoring the database from a period before I was locked out but the same thing happens - no contacts show up.

Any other thoughts?

I am going to try and do a partial restore of the database since I only really need the conversations to be restored…but I haven’t gone through the schema to see what dependencies I’m going to jack up.

Help and any suggestions are greatly appreciated.


if you rerun the setup and the name for the server changes or is not entered exactly as you had it previously it will break the rosters. if you are using LDAP you should consider shared rosters to ease the pain of manual roster creation.

Thanks Todd,

I first encountered this while dumping from one database to another on a different server. When I performed both the dump and the restore on the same server with no hostname change, still no luck.

I did notice (which is what got me in trouble) that the admins listed on the admin page had a [hostname] appended to each username. Without thinking, of course, I just changed it to adminname.ourdomain.com which caused it to break.

As we’ve got a fairly small company, I’m going to follow your advice and move towards shared rosters.

Thanks again