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Unable to log on to spark after domain password change

Hello All,

I have inherited a spark 2.6.3/openfire 3.7.0 setup at a new job I just started in December.

Everything has been working fine so far, until just recently when I and another user had to change our domain passwords. After the change we were unable to log in to spark. It returns a “invalid username or password” error. I have tried restarting the server, restarting the client, and deleting the spark.properties file.

Openfire is running on a Ubuntu Linux server. I am not famillar with Linux so I have not been able to do anything on the server except restarts.

We have had some instances of this happening before. We seemed to fix it by resetting the users passoword in AD and having them reboot afterwords. This has not worked with the current case.

Your help will be greatly appriciated.