Unable to login bug

this bug that you mention, your fix does not work for me at all.

ive tried very many ways of doing it but no matter what it does not let me in.

im running ubuntu 10 and the latest openfire installed from tarball…

no amount of starting or stopping it seems to let me in at all…

im using the embedded db - i couldnt see how to view it or start or stop it…

i enter my own email address when asked - im wondering if i should leave it the same ?

(ie admin@example.com)

any kind of diagnostics i can do or things i can try ?

thanks for any help.

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i see spammers have moved to obscure xmpp forums now

so far i have tried with two fresh installs of ubuntu 10.4

changing the conf/openfire.xml

stop and starting the service and trying to login again had no effect.

ive now out of desperation tried removing the embedded db folder…

im really out of ideas

i installed this software about 6 months ago and it was easy!

what happened!?

I think you should better delete that spam text with a link.

Admin’s email address is not importan at all. How do you try to login? Login name should be - admin.