Unable to login in to admin consule after fresh install

I run Apple OS X Server 10.5.6 I wanted to try a different jabber server found posts about Openfire so decided to download it and try it. The download went nice… Installing went nice. Opened up the configuration walked through that which took me to the admin console… I cannot login to the admin console… I did set up with using the embedded database … Is there a default user and password to login in here the first time ? How to I uninstall so I can restart over…

Thanks for any help or ideas


I did remove the openfire folder in the /usr/local then installed again … then walked through the setup . made sure the admin password field was filled out… got to the login screen and again says login failed… make sure your username and password are correct…

any ideas ?

Uninstalled and re installed three times and now able to login. so now on to testing… thanks for all help !